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Posted on | October 24, 2010 | No Comments

Bing Rewards to reinstate Live Search Cashback?

Retired Microsoft’s faithfulness programs for web searchers, SearchPerks as good as Cashback, have been right away transposed by Bing Rewards system. The prerogative module is identical to obvious credit label or airline tickets prerogative programs as good as offers users of Bing poke engine credits which can be after redeemed for assorted products, services or present cards.

How to particpate in Bing Rewards program

To experience in Bing Rewards intrigue we contingency only implement a Bing Search toolbar as good as register for a Windows Live ID. Be certain we have been on  on a Windows powered mechanism or device as good as make use of Internet Explorer as your web browser. Sorry, no Firefox or Chrome or or any Mac devices.

Just for signing up we get 250 credits  as good as receive  one some-more credits with any serve searches with Bing. You additionally can take value of  earning credits for environment your browser poke defaults to Bing, regulating Bing Maps or perplexing out any brand new Bing features.

How most a Bing poke is worth?

In Oct 2010, we could consequence one credit for each 5 Bing searches, up to 8 or sixteen credits per day. How most points we will consequence in a subsequent months? No one knows, though one can be certain which a intrigue could good get users to poke with Bing some-more frequently.


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