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What is credit card cashback bonus

March, 11 2014

Start earning money on your purchases

Cashback rewards programs are widely offered by credit card companies, banks, and recently by customer-oriented websites. Participating in reward schemes allows you to buy goods of different kinds through cashback program's partnered merchant and receive a certain amount back in cash. With most schemes you can earn from 2% up to 5% cashback bonus.

Thanks to more appropriated technical substructure similar rewarding schemes from credit card companies allow cardholders to get their rebates much faster, but usually credit card rewards are limited by 2% up to 5% of reward earnings, and cardholders have to follow strict rules to get rewarded.

Microsoft Bing Cashback: Among online reward promoters Bing CashBack was one of the most known and popular. With more than 1,000 merchants and 17 million products, Bing cashback promotion was the biggest among online money reward promoters. Now this Microsoft Live Cashback program is replaced by Bing Rewards system.


Cashback rewards are very attractive for both customers and merchants. Our instant reviews will definitely help you to use best deals with different reward programs and schemes.


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